Iron Lion Zion: How Bob Marley Redefined Zionism

23 Jan


✡The Zionist Narrative

By David J. Chernobylsky. Illustration by Zohar Achiasaf.

He inhaled deeply, extracting the smoky air richly through his nose so that it reached far into his powerful lungs. But even deeper, he wanted his breath to reach the very soul of his being; the very core of his ethereal prowess—his crux and spiritual support. This was his Rastafarian spirit; the same spirit that reflected itself in the Lion of Judah and in the six-pointed Star of David that brought him so much strength and power.

It was this spiritual austerity of the Lion of Judah and the bold resilience of the Star of David that, when incorporated into his Rastafarian beliefs, infused a real supreme reverence into his art, passion and musical capacity.

It was this same supreme reverence that was felt by each and every single audience member in his sea of fans at this very concert…

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