Spiritual Intercessor

27 Mar

Very interesting insights from Rabbi Kaplan

Sophia Street

Bergit Stadem by Bart Lindstrom At a Jewish funeral, you might hear the prayer, “May she (or he) be a melitz yosher for her family.”

Literally, melitz yosher means “ambassador of righteousness,” but in colloquial English it means, “spiritual intercessor.” A spiritual intercessor is someone who prays on behalf of another person.

There are many different ways to pray on behalf of another person. You can challenge God’s decisions, you can ask for mercy and gentleness, you can pray about a situation and then come to a decision about how to help someone.

Hebrew Bible shows us all of these possibilities.

Abraham challenges God’s decision to destroy the city of Sodom. He gets God to agree to save it if ten righteous people can be found.

Moses asks for mercy. After the people build the Golden Calf, he acknowledges their sin, but tells God what kinds of consequences are too harsh for people to bear.

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